Horizant® is a unique form of gabapentin1-4,15,16

You may be wondering why your healthcare provider didn’t prescribe a regular gabapentin. Horizant® is absorbed differently from regular gabapentin. This means it provides extended release, working day and night to treat Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and Postherpetic Neuralgia (PHN). Learn more about how Horizant® works differently in the body from other prescription medications in the same drug class.

Horizant® is absorbed differently with an extended-release formulation1,2,16

Horizant® makes gabapentin easier to fully absorb and extends how long the drug remains in the body compared with regular gabapentin. This means patients taking Horizant® may have longer symptom relief

See what makes Horizant® unique1

Horizant® is not the same medication as other gabapentin products. Horizant® should not be used in place of other gabapentin products. Do not take other gabapentin products while taking Horizant®. The clinical significance of the absorption of Horizant® is unknown.

Lasting relief1,2,16

Horizant® is formulated differently. This allows it to be absorbed longer than regular gabapentin.

Active for 24 hours2,15

When taken as prescribed by a healthcare provider, Horizant® stays active in the body longer than regular gabapentin.

More symptom relief in a smaller dose2

Compared to a tablet of regular gabapentin, each Horizant® tablet offers twice as much gabapentin for symptom relief.